Brides with Curves Shopping Experience

17 June, 2020

As we start to welcome customers to our bridal boutique after so many weeks of lockdown, we thought we’d share with you some pictures from a visit we had some months back from beautiful bride-to-be Susie with her two friends, Tessa and Molly.

Susie was accompanied by the very talented Emily of Lotus Photography UK and we think these pictures perfectly capture the fun (and success!) that can be had trying on beautiful gowns during a relaxed 2-hour private appointment!

Yes, Susie did find the wedding dress of her dreams, but as she has yet to be married it’s not featured here!

Emily’s full article and lots more amazing pictures can be found at

“So if you are nervous about wedding dress shopping, don’t be, there really are boutiques like Brides With Curves where the staff truly care about giving you the most amazing wedding dress shopping experience. It doesn’t matter if you are curvaceous or bootylicious, you are beautiful! And, you are going to look and feel amazing on your wedding day.”

Emily finishes up by saying:

“If you would like Lotus Photography to join you when you shop for your wedding dress, click here for details (yes, I can really join you during your wedding day preparations!), or check out the Lotus Photography Wedding Packages.”

Book your own Brides With Curves shopping experience

We’re fully prepared, open and welcoming wedding dress shoppers now, by appointment only. If you’d like to book 2 hours’ exclusive use of our bridal boutique please call Kelly on 01202 937561 now, or email