Calling all curvy bridesmaids! This one’s for you …

by | 17 May, 2017

OK, so you’re sharing a bottle of wine with your best friend when she turns to you teary-eyed and asks you to be her bridesmaid. With a rush of excitement (followed by high-pitched squeals and red-faced embraces) you enthusiastically agree. But, oh lord! It looks as though your fellow bridesmaids are ten squillion sizes smaller than you…

Which means one thing and one thing only: unless you’re allowed to wear a dress of your choosing, the quest for the dress is going to be excruciating. Why? Because, darn it, high street wedding dress shops just don’t cater for the larger lady. In fact, they don’t usually cater for anyone above a size 12.

So, when you finally go shopping for ‘The Dress’ and are flanked by your skinny bridesmaids, you get to watch on as they try on different styles, knowing that the only way you’ll squeeze into any of the gowns is if you break a few ribs and shave off half your bottom.

Suffice to say that the buxom bridesmaid is left to feel sidelined and self-conscious, turning what should be a happy experience into a personal nightmare. And then, when the dress is finally decided upon, they have the rigmarole of enduring alterations and, no doubt, feeling a little bit of a nuisance to the bride-to-be.

It’s this type of experience that inspired us to launch Brides With Curves; we passionately believe that no woman should be made to feel anything less than gorgeous, especially in the run-up to a wedding. Alongside our plus-size bridal gowns, we stock stunning bridesmaid dresses in sizes 16-28. Lovingly designed and made to flatter the fuller-figure, we ensure each member of the wedding party looks – and feels – fantastic.

So if you’re a curvy bridesmaid, avoid the prejudice of the high street shops and head to our little sanctuary – we promise you’ll leave feeling a whole lot more confident!