Three reasons to feel confident and sexy on your wedding night

by | 2 September, 2017

Let’s get straight to the point: you want to look sexy on your wedding night, but as a curvy bride-to-be, you also want to feel comfortable and confident.

We’re pretty sure ‘sexy, comfortable and confident’ aren’t words you’d usually put in the same sentence, especially when it comes to underwear. But that’s because you’ve spent years squeezing yourself into high street lingerie that’s designed for smaller sizes.

Two words: don’t panic. As crusaders for curvy brides-to-be, we’ve hunted down our top three plus-size picks that are designed to flatter the fuller figure…

Bloomin’ Sexy

This fabulous company has created the sexiest anti-chafe knickers we’ve ever seen.

Their unique designs use soft stretchy tulle and luxurious Italian satin to compliment your curves, rather than alter them. And with their German and French lace detail, they’ll make your new hubby’s jaw drop. Oh, and they’ll 100% protect you from the dreaded thigh chafe. We love having Bloomin Sexy in our shop, and our brides-to-be share our adoration. To find out more, visit


Another curve-loving lingerie company is Jupon, who believe bridal lingerie should accentuate and enhance curves, rather than restrict and alter them.

We love Jupon because their lingerie is designed to fit comfortably under the bride’s wedding dress, with simple, smooth lines and delicate, subtle detail. This allows Jupon’s sexy nightdresses to optimise the fit and look of the gown whilst also exuding sexiness when said gown is removed… to find out more, visit


You’ve got to love the iconic WonderBra for their Ultimate Strapless Bra, which uses very-clever-sounding ‘patented polycarbonate technology’ for the perfect support.

As a beautiful buxom bride-to-me, you may well gasp in horror at the thought of surrendering your straps, but trust us… WonderBra have waged a war with gravity, and they’re winning. Available in ivory white with subtle lace, playful transparency and a flattering cut, this bra is your secret weapon on your wedding night. Find out more at

So there you have it, gorgeous ladies – three reasons to look forward to the much-anticipated wedding night reveal. Once your man sees your sexy shapes, it’ll be goodbye lingerie, hello four-poster…

To do justice to your curves, get in touch.