How to make the most of your Honeymoon

by | 30 August, 2018

Many of our curvy brides-to-be have now tied the knot and are soon jetting off on their honeymoons (we’re not jealous at all, honest!). So we thought we’d put a last minute list together of ways to get the absolute most out of your trip.

But before you read on, remember this: you only get to experience one honeymoon in your lifetime (hopefully!), so allow yourself to be spoiled rotten. You deserve it.

Let them know you’re newlyweds

When you let people know you’re on your honeymoon, they go the extra mile to treat you like royalty. It could be a bottle of champers on your bed, rose petals on your pillows, or – if you’re really lucky – a free massage in the spa. So don’t be shy – when you’re booking your honeymoon make sure they know you’ve just tied the knot!

Turn off your phones

In the run up to your wedding, you would have likely been checking your phone every five minutes. Are the flowers ready? Are the bridesmaids happy with their dresses? When’s my last dress fitting? But now’s the time to clock off and relax. Nobody needs you to do anything other than enjoy your honeymoon with your hubby.

Book a couple’s spa treatment

Whether it’s enjoying a massage side-by-side, delving into a bathtub full of mud or losing yourself in a dark and gloriously scented swimming pool, a couple’s treatment is the perfect way to get into the swing of the honeymoon vibe. So find out what’s on offer and allow yourselves to be pampered.

Ditch the bar

Whilst you may spend a lot of time in the poolside bar, we suggest going to the nearest supermarket, buying yourself a lovely bottle of bubbles and finding yourself a secluded spot to enjoy it. You can ‘borrow’ a couple of glasses from your hotel room, or simply drink from the bottle like giddy teenagers.

Plan an exquisite last night

Rather than spending your last day feeling sad that your honeymoon is nearly over, we recommend booking a meal at a beautiful restaurant to round off your trip. Or, if your budget’s too tight, have a sunset picnic with your favourite foodie treats. And perhaps a skinny dip afterwards?! Whatever you end up doing, make it unforgettable.

And last but by no means least…

Don’t cram too much stuff in, because the time will go way too quickly!

We all know the story – you go on holiday and book fun things to do every day. Before you know it, the holiday’s over and you haven’t had a chance to actually relax. So, don’t be tempted to make the same mistake on your honeymoon. You want the time to go slowly and you want to feel as though you’ve really switched off.

So there you have it – a few tips to make sure you lovely lot get the most out of your honeymoon. Be sure to send us a postcard!