Five fabulous tips for your wedding day makeup!

by | 21 June, 2018

Calling all you gorgeous brides-to-be: you don’t need a big budget to look beautiful; you just need these five simple tips that will ensure you look and feel exquisite on your big day!

1. First things first, get the canvas ready

It’s amazing how many brides-to-be focus on their makeup without sparing a thought for the most important elements of their look – their natural skin, eyebrows and lashes. So make sure you look after the various different features of your face at least three months in advance of your wedding. This means having a thorough day and night skincare regime, not to mention drinking loads of water, avoiding alcohol and ensuring you never, EVER get sunburnt. Get that SPF out, ladies!

2. Staying on the sun cream vibe… don’t wear it on your wedding day!

You’ll be surprised to learn that wearing SPF on your wedding day is a big no-no if you’re planning on having any flash photography. This is because it causes the flash to ‘bounce’ off your skin and make you look ghostly. If you’re sensitive to the sun and absolutely have to wear sun cream, then ask your photographer to use an indirect flash which, we think, is much more flattering anyway!

3. Apply beyond your neck

You’re probably well aware that makeup should be applied under the chin and down the neck. But for your wedding day, we recommend extending it to your upper body (if, of course, your wedding dress reveals your shoulders and chest area). This will ensure you face isn’t a different colour and texture to your body. Judging a difference in skin tones can be tricky when you’re up close and personal with a mirror – any dissimilarity will be much more obvious from a distance. So when you’re trialling it out, get one of your besties to pop over and help

4. Don’t rush!

We’ve seen it before: brides-to-be taking too long on their wedding dress and hair, resulting in a rushed makeup session. To get the best results, your makeup should be applied thoughtfully and unhurriedly, with enough time to make any extra touch-ups or amends necessary. We recommend giving yourself one hour and enjoying every second!

5. Bring your favourites along for the ride

Please, please don’t forget to bring the tools you need to keep your makeup looking fresh all day and night. This is a job for your lovely bridesmaids – ask them to squirrel your favourite powder, lippy and concealer into their bags, plus any other product that you can’t do without. It’s all about ensuring you look and feel not just gorgeous, but confident from the moment you walk down the aisle, to the last taxi home.

So that’s it, lovely ladies! And remember, the most important thing you need to do when getting ready for your wedding day is this: have FUN… happiness is the most beautiful trait of all.