We’ve got a thing for the bling …

by | 6 October, 2017

Let’s talk accessories. Beautiful, jaw-dropping accessories. Accessories that elevate a wedding gown into the stratosphere. Accessories that turn your wedding day confidence up ten notches. Accessories that make your sister-in-law’s eyes widen in envy. Accessories that…

You get the picture.

Our lovely curvy ladies, if you’ve been brave enough to enter a high street wedding dress shop, you may have noticed a distinct lack of choice when it comes to wedding day accessories. And if you got as far as squeezing into a too-small wedding dress, you probably weren’t given the opportunity to spend hours trying on tiaras.

But the problem with buying the dress first and accessories later is this: unless you see the whole ensemble together, you won’t know if it’s a match made in heaven.

When a curvy bride-to-be walks through our doors she’s given the run of the shop and enough time to try on a squillion different combinations, if she so desires. With a beautiful range of accessories specifically chosen to compliment our dresses, our lovely ladies have the opportunity to pick the dress and the bling without being rushed, sent away or booked in for a later date.

And because we know a well-placed accessory can mean the difference between feeling confident on your wedding day and downright terrified, we stock the following confidence-boosting superheroes…

Allure Bridal Cap Sleeves

Rainbow Club Veils

Kenneth Winston Boleros

Rainbow Club Shoes

So for all you curvaceous brides-to-be, come and spend as much time as you jolly well want in our shop – if it means making enough tea to sink a ship just to keep you going, we’ll do it!